Loan Types

Personal Loans Can Be applied for Marriage, Education, Holiday, Home Renovation etc. its basically called any purpose loan. Do you need urgent cash for medical treatment, house renovation, wedding, higher education, vacation or for any other reason?

A personal loan can solve your sudden financial crisis. You do not need to clarify the purpose or use of the loan amount to the bank and you do not need a guarantor or security to obtain a personal loan. Your monthly income is enough to get you a personal loan with the best repayment option and lowest interest rate.
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You can take pay slip loan form 4-5 times. Eligility for this loan you must working in some orgnisation since last 3 years to take the Pay Slip Loan, it is an easiest in the market with easy return installment from your sallery account opened by the company or your any other saving bank aacount where you sallery is bing credited.

Benefit of this Loan :-
• No Morgage
• No heavy paper work
• Sanction very less time.
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Education is the most important investment one makes in life. However, in the past few years, it is becoming increasingly unaffordable for a middle class student to study in premier institutes of the country or pursue higher studies abroad. If in your case, the hurdle is money, education loan is the answer. The icing on the cake is that the education loans will not only cover the cost of the tuition fee, but almost all the expenses associated with the course. However, you will require a guarantor or a co-borrower who will have to pay the loan in case you fail to pay your debts. There are various things you need to know if you plan to take an education loan.
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Documents Required:- Applicant

  • Last 2 Year ITR Return
  • 6 Photo's
  • Address Proof
  • I.D Proof
  • 2x50 Non Judicial Stamp Paper in favour of Applicant (Blank)
  • Bank A/c No + 6 months Statement
  • File Charge : ..
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After having seen over a lakh and fifty thousand satisfied customers secure their own homes, Can Fin Homes now looks toward your home financing requirements. Having spent over a decade in the home finance business, we are well placed to understand the significance and importance of your need to own a home. This section is here to do just that, see you realise the dream of owning a home, as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Any Indian Resident, Non-resident Indian or Person of Indian Origin can apply for a home loan if they are 21 years of age at the origin of the loan and 65 years or below at loan maturity. Banks and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) usually give home loans for properties located in India to people who are employed or self-employed, with a regular source of income.

Loan eligibility is calculated based on the ability to repay. Factors such as income, age, qualifications, number of dependents, spouse's income, assets, liabilities, stability and continuity of occupation and savings history are taken into consideration.
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The company offers assistance for the procurement of the Project Loans. The Project Loans or the Project Finance is a long term financing of the infrastructure and industrial manufacturing projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of the project sponsors. Practically, a Project Loan also known as project financing, involves equity investors, known as sponsors, as well as banking and other financial institutions that provide loans to the operation. The Project Loan are most commonly non-recourse loans, which are secured by the project assets and paid entirely from project cash flow, rather than from the general assets or credit-worthiness of the project sponsors, a decision in part supported by financial modeling. The funding is typically secured by all of the project assets, including the revenue-producing contracts. project lenders are given a lien on all of these assets, and are able to assume control of a project if the project company has complications complying with the loan terms. We offer Project Financing Services by arranging Project Loans from nationalized banks at very competitive terms.
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